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"I paused in front of the bed and quickly opened the dark gym bag that lay on top. Inside was a black leather case. I carefully held the case, unzipping the cover and pulling aside the sheepskin inner lining to reveal the cold, compelling, gunmetal-blue steel of my 9mm Sig Sauer."

"Despite the temporary solace my gun provided, there really was no choice but to go through with the plan as agreed. Maybe this was the source of heroism -not courage, but fear and fighting when no other options remained."
Still living in Miami Beach, Daoud manages luxury rental properties in South Beach. Aside from his professional duties, Daoud desperately wants to help those who may be experiencing similar problems that plagued the former mayor for so many years.

"I publish my phone number and email address in the book,” Daoud said. “My number was always listed when I was mayor. I still want to be able to help, to give people someone that can talk to about problems they are having. That federal trial I went through was a nightmare, and I don't want to see anyone else go through that."
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