Abel Holtz: Break the Law, Get a Street Named After You!

This past fall, one of my favorite stretches of roadway in Dade County, the section of SW 16th Street near FIU called Jose Canseco Boulevard, was renamed. Apparently the good people on the County Commission felt it was not quite appropriate to have a city street named after the man who ushered in baseball’s steroid era. Fair enough, County Commission, nobody wants to live on a street named after a cheater.

But while Canseco admitted to cheating at what is ultimately a meaningless game with pretty much irrelevant consequences, there is another stretch of road in this town named after a far worse cheater. One who cheated not only the people of Dade County, but also cheated at life. I am talking, of course, about SE 2nd Ave., also known as Abel Holtz Blvd.

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